Is it Reggae-Hip Hop, or Hip Hop-Reggae?

Lion Eye Band  is a seamless blend of two of the most influential genres of modern music: Reggae/Dancehall and Hip Hop/Rap. Their first EP 'Babylon Burn,' was born from the absolute hunger to create meaningful music, that would speak to both audiences (reggae/hip-hop). With the combination of Lion Eye's lead vocalists Giggy, and Dru B Shinin', they created an unstoppable, unrepeatable sound that still resonates even today.

Now, Lion Eye is back in the studio, mixing things up and recording their new LP, to be released 2017.  "Giggy" Gordon (originally from Kingston, Jamaica) is working with original members, Paul "P-Funk" Garza (bass) and Josh "J.V."  Vandenburg (Lead Guitar) while enlisting the talents of a collective of musicians and vocalists to complete the new project. New to the roster are: Marley Sun (drums), Jordan "jumpman" Hesse (guitar) and Shavon Cormick (back up vocals). The new project promises a musical experience not to be missed. Follow @LionEyeBand on twitter to keep up with the progress.

"Lion Eye is coming to you..."

“We will build it, then worry about if they come later.Who cares if they come? As long as we are proud of what we built” 
―A musician

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